• Aussie NSUers Association (OzNSUers)


Last updated: May 2017


North South University (NSU), the first private university in Bangladesh, was established in 1992 by a group of philanthropists, industrialists, bureaucrats and academics. The government of Bangladesh approved the establishment of North South University under Private University Act (PUA) 1992 (now replaced by PUA 2010). The university was formally inaugurated on 10 February 1993 by then Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of NSU.

Aussie NSUers Association has been formed in 2011, to foster links and to establish contacts with the University and former students and staff living in Australia. The association will act as a nexus for social activities and liaison among members. The Association offers communication and networking opportunities for Alumni and former Students of NSU and enables formation of academics, professional and social peer groups for them.

  1. Name

    The name of the organization shall be “AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION”.

  2. Location

    AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION primarily operates from Sydney because of its initial establishment with the NSW Authorities and existence of the highest number of NSUers in this location.

  3. Branches

    The Association caters for all Alumni, former students and staffs of NSU who are located in Australia and New Zealand, so there will be state and country offices of the association in different states of these countries. Branch offices of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION may be named after the places where they may be located. The Executive Board shall have the right to establish or affiliate branches outside Sydney. Such Branches may have separate Executive Board elected by the members of that Branch. The detail Rules and Regulations of the Branches are specified in the structure.

  4. The aims and objectives

    The purpose and objectives of the association shall be:

    1. To maintain contacts with the Alumni, home and abroad, and to exchange ideas and information through communications and congregations;
    2. To improve learning environment and to work towards breaking the social and economic barriers of higher education; For example- offering scholarships to students in need;
    3. To arrange workshops for refreshing/updating knowledge and information for the alumni
    4. To organize social, cultural and sports events for members.
    5. To create networks for professionals.
    6. To contribute in social welfare for Communities in Australia and Bangladesh by participating and managing voluntary and charity activities.
  5. Membership

    Any alumni, former student, faculty and other staff members of North South University and now who are residing in Australia and New Zealand shall be eligible to apply for a Membership of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION and, who shall undertake to abide by the rules and regulations laid down in this constitution and shall pay such subscription/fees as may be determined by AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION from time to time.The membership structure combines of the following:

    1. General Member

      Every member who has applied through and followed the above mentioned criteria is a General Member General Members do not have a voting right to elect Executive Board Members for the association. However, General Members has the right to become Registered or Executive Board Members if they fulfill the specified requirements.

    2. Registered Member

      General Members can apply for Registered Membership, . Registered Members have the exclusive right to vote to elect Executive Board Members and contribute a fee, that is defined by the members in the AGM or by the Executive Board.

    3. Executive Board Members

      Executive Board Members are elected by the Registered Members according to the Election Process Executive Board Member contributes a higher fee than an Registered Member of the Association.

    4. Honorary Board Members

      Honorary Board Members are selected mainly from former Executive Board members. However, this membership can be extended to any other member of this organisation or member of the society only on an invitation basis recognising on their significant contribution or their significance to this organisation. The Executive Board will determine the invitation. The fee contribution of the Honorary Board members is decided by the Executive Board Honorary Board Members also reserve the right to vote to elect Executive Board Members. This board will have exclusive right to override appointment of a corrupted president of the Executive Board Members as when necessary. However, this right can be exercised if and only if there are written complaints with specific reasons from majority of the Executive Board and there are written consent with signature from twenty or two-third of the Honorary Board Members, whichever is higher.

  6. Subscription/Fees

    Executive BoardThe Executive Board shall decide the amount of any membership subscription/fee from time to time, subject to the approval of the General Body of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. However, subscription of the Registered Membership can be decided at the AGM.

  7. Procedure to become a Member

    Any one satisfying clauses 5 can apply to the Secretary General by filling a prescribed form.

  8. Rights and Privileges of Members in General Meetings

    1. Every member is entitled to receive notice of Annual General Meetings of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. The notice shall be accompanied by the financial statement of the previous financial year verified by audit committee or audited by a registered auditor.
    2. Every member shall have the right to be present at all meetings of the general members. However, only Registered Member and Honorary Board Members can vote on resolutions.
    3. Every member shall be entitled to receive of a copy of any publications of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION at a price determined by the Executive Board.
    4. Executive Board shall elect the Management Committee and shall appoint Auditor/audit committee in a manner stated herein after.
  9. Cessation of Membership

    A person shall cease to be a member of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION:

    1. If a member resigns by giving a written notice addressed to the Executive Board through the Secretary General of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. The Executive Board shall consider the application for resignation in its next meeting after the receipt of the application, and the resignation will be effective from the date of such a meeting when the application was considered.
    2. Membership will automatically cease if a member is declared of unsound mind by a competent authority, or if a court for moral turpitude finds the member guilty.
    3. Membership will cease on the ground of nonpayment of annual membership fees. The Executive Board shall notify the member of the dues on membership fees at least 3 (three) months prior to Annual General Meeting. The Executive Board can determine the termination of membership on nonpayment of Annual fees. Before such a determination is made the member must be reminded in writing of the dues on his/her membership.
  10. Composition

    AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall consist of:

    1. A General Body (GB) comprising of all General Members, Registered Members and Honorary Board Members, and
    2. An Executive Board (EB) shall be elected by Registered Members Honorary Board Members of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION in a manner stated herein after.
  11. The Management/Administration

    1. General Body (GB)

      1. General Members
      2. Registered Members
      3. Honorary Board Members
    2. Executive Board (EB)

      1. Every branch has its own Executive Board to run its operation independently. The Vice President manages the operations of the relevant branch following the constitution of the organisation. The President of the association is the National President (or ANZ President in case of inclusion of NZ) and strategically guides the team of all the branches. The President helps to outline plan, provide directions and govern the activities of the branches. The President oversees Executive Boards of all the branches.
      2. The Branch Executive Board consists of mandatory and operational (may vary as per activity of the branches) members elected in a manner provided herein after. If needed, EB may create some temporary positions according to the need of the Association. If they need to make them permanent then EB will propose the position in the AGM to get approval.
      3. The Executive Board shall have the following Office Bearers elected for a two years term at an alternative AGM.President 1 (One)
        1. Branch Executive Board Members (Mandatory)

          1. Vice President (VP) – 1 (One)
          2. Secretary General – 1 (One)
          3. Treasurer – 1 (One)
        2. Branch Executive Board Members (Operations)

          1. Information Technology Secretary -1 (One)
          2. Media and Communication Secretary – 1 (One)
          3. Cultural Secretary – 1 (One)
          4. Sports Secretary – 1 (One)
          5. Community Development Program Secretary – 1 (One)
          6. Logistics and Operations Secretary – 1(One)
          7. External Affairs Secretary – 1(One)
  12. Functions

    1. General body

      General Body Members are the main participants of all the general activities of the Association. In the Association’s Annual General Meeting, General Body Members consider and approve the reports of the Secretary General and the financial statement presented by the Treasurer. Consider matters of general policy.In the AGM, the Registered Members and the Honorary Board Members elect office bearers and other members of the Executive Board, and approve the name of Auditor or elect audit committee in accordance with the prescribed rules stated herein.

    2. Executive Board

      1. The activities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION are to be managed by or under the direction of the EB.
      2. EB may function either directly or through such committees of office bearers or others, as it may deem fit, with delegation of powers and responsibilities vested on it.
      3. EB may form Sub-Committees to help it better manage the activities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. The number of subcommittees, their composition, functions and terms of
        reference are to be determined by the Executive Board from time to time.
      4. The EB shall control, supervise, direct and guide the activities and affairs of its branches in a manner as it may lay down from time to time in accordance with AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION rules and regulations.
      5. The EB shall receive and disburse all resources exclusively for the benefit of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION and may create a reserve fund.
      6. The EB may liaise with any other national or international bodies in achieving the objectives of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
      7. The EB may seek aids or any other types of assistance, in cash or in kind, from national or international sources for the benefit of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
      8. EB shall have the responsibility to frame rules and procedures as and when deemed expedient. These framed rules and procedures shall have to be approved in the next GB meeting by a simple majority vote.
  13. Meetings

    1. General Body Meeting

      1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held before the end of a financial year. Apart from the AGM the Executive Board may decide to hold a general meeting, known as extraordinary general meeting, as and when necessary.
      2. The GB meeting shall be called by the Secretary General in consultation with the President and VP at such time and place and to transact such business as may be determined by the Executive Board at least once in a financial year. Such meeting will be called an Annual General Meeting.
    2. Executive Board Meeting

      EB shall meet at least 6 times in a year at such time and place, and to transact such business as may be notified by the Secretary General in consultation with the President/VP.

    3. Requisition Meeting

      An Extraordinary meeting of any of the above bodies may be convened by the Secretary General on written requisition; in case of EB by not less than one third of its total members; and in case of GB by not less than one fifth of its total members; stating the purpose to transact any business of emergent nature.

    4. Honorary Board Meeting

      An Honorary Board Meeting will be arranged by the EB for Honorary Board Members to meet once in a financial year. Current President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer are the default member of this meeting. Secretary General and Treasurer will give previous year update and plan for the following year. Any other operational issue can be discussed in this meeting for recommendations (not approval). This meeting should be conducted before the AGM.

  14. Notices

    1. All notices of the meetings shall specify the date, time, place and nature of business to be transacted.
    2. A notice may be served by the Secretary General either personally or by post, or be sent through the email address of the member.
    3. Fifteen days’ notice for the EB meeting and twenty one days’ notice for the GB meeting shall be sufficient.
    4. Emergency meeting of the EB to transact any emergent business may be called by giving shorter notice.
  15. Quorum

    1. The quorum for the Executive Board meeting shall be at least 5 one third of the total number of Active Executive Board Members.
    2. The Annual General Meeting must have a quorum of at least one tenth of the total number of Registered Members and Advisory Board members combined.
    3. If within one hour from the time appointed for the holding of a General Meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened on the requisition of members, shall be dissolved. In any other case, it shall stand adjourned to the same day of the following week, and at the same time and place.
    4. In the event of a meeting being adjourned due to lack of quorum, members present at the adjourned meeting shall constitute the quorum.
  16. Proceeding of Meetings

    1. Meeting of the General Body

      1. The President of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall preside over as Chairman at every General meeting. In his/her absence, VP, in latter’s absence GS of the State (the state for which the total number of members is the most), and in his/her absence any member of the Executive Board chosen by the members present in the meeting shall preside over the meeting as Chairman.
      2. Minutes of the meeting shall be kept by the Secretary General and at the commencement of the meeting the minutes of the previous meeting shall be confirmed. The minutes of all meetings, confirmed at the next meeting, shall be deemed as a valid document.
      3. The Annual General meeting (AGM) of GB of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall consider the Secretary General’s report on the activities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION, and the Treasurer’s report and financial statement on the income, expenditure as either audited or certified by the Audit Committee.
      4. No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present when the meeting proceeds to business.
      5. With the consent of any meeting of which a quorum is present, the Chairman may adjourn a meeting from time to time, and from place to place, as the meeting decides. Whenever a meeting is adjourned, notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given in the same manner as of an original meeting. However, if the meeting is adjourned for not more than a week, then time and place for the adjourned meeting can be declared before adjournment. No business item shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the unresolved businesses, which might have been transacted, at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.
      6. At all general meetings, a resolution, put to the vote in the meeting, shall be decided by raising of hands by a majority of the members present in person and entitled to vote. A declaration by the Chairman of the meeting that a resolution has been carried, or has been carried by a particular majority, or lost, or not carried by a particular majority shall be conclusive, and an entry to that effect in the minute book of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall be conclusive evidence thereof.
      7. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a casting vote.
    2. Proceedings of the Executive Board

      1. The Secretary General in consultation with the President/VP shall decide the date, time and place along with the business to be transacted for a meeting of the EB.
      2. EB meetings shall be held on the date, day and time mentioned in the notice of the meeting and the meeting shall only transact the business mentioned in the notice of the meeting.
      3. All EB meetings shall be presided by the President/VP of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. If in any meeting, the President/is not present within half an hour after the time appointed for holding a meeting, VP shall preside and in case of absence of VP the meeting shall be presided by Secretary General. In absence of the President/VP and GS Secretary General the members of EB present shall choose someone amongst them to chair the meeting till the arrival of one of the above three.
      4. EB shall meet for the review of the activities, to decide on the day to day management and to plan activities in fulfilling the objectives of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
      5. A meeting of the members of EB at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all the authorities, powers and discretions by or under the regulations of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION vested on EB.
      6. A resolution of the EB must be passed by a majority of votes cast by EB members on the resolution.
      7. The members of EB may pass a resolution without a meeting being held if all the members of EB vote on the resolution sign a document containing a statement that they are in favor of the resolution set out in the document. The resolution is passed when the last member signs.
  17. Elections

    The Executive Board (EB) shall be elected by GB in a manner provided below:

    1. The election of the EB shall be held in alternative years during the AGM.
    2. EB shall be elected for a term of 2 year.
    3. The EB in deciding the date, time and place of the AGM shall also appoint a person, to be called Election Commissioner, to conduct the election of the upcoming EB, and such a person is ineligible to be a candidate in the election.
    4. A copy of the updated membership list shall be provided to the Election Commissioner on his/her appointment.
    5. Election Commissioner shall provide a copy of the membership list to any member of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION on request from that member.
    6. The election commissioner shall invite nominations for each position of the EB. The invitation of the Election Commissioner seeking nominations shall accompany the notice of the AGM.
    7. President and Vice President nomination has to come from the persons who served at least 3 and 2 consecutive years respectively in the Executive Board. Nominee for other mandatory roles (Secretary General and Treasurer) has to serve at least one year in EB. If for some reason the above criteria cannot be fulfilled EB can decide new eligible criteria for the coming term. The Election Commissioner shall receive all the nominations at least 24 hours before the commencement of the AGM. The Election Commissioner shall check the membership list in order to decide the validity of the nomination. Only person whose name appears on the membership list is eligible to contest the election.
    8. Same person shall not be allowed to be elected as President, vice president or Secretary General for more than two consecutive terms.
    9. On completion of the business of the AGM where election will be held shall dissolve the Executive Board and invite the Election Commission to conduct election for the following two years.
    10. The Election Commissioner shall invite for any withdrawals.
    11. The Election Commissioner shall then invite the respective proposed candidates to introduce themselves (not more than three minutes for Mandatory EB members and one minute to Operational EB member candidates).
    12. In case of only one candidate nominated for a position the candidate shall be declared elected unopposed.
    13. In case there are more than one candidate for a position the Election Commissioner shall prepare ballot papers and distribute them to the members eligible to vote.
    14. On a poll every member present in person at the meeting shall have one vote and no proxy shall be admissible.
    15. The Election Commissioner shall then collect the ballot papers duly filled by the members and count them. Candidate, who polls a maximum number of votes for a position, shall be declared elected. In case of a tie, the matter shall be resolved by a lottery.
    16. In case of any position where there was no nomination the elected EB shall co-opt any one from amongst the members’ list to fill up the vacant position.
    17. The outgoing EB shall convene a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming members of the Executive Board not later than a week after the election to install the incoming EB and make hand over charges to it so that, after being installed, the new EB shall hold its first meeting after the joint meeting.
  18. Powers and Functions of the Office Bearers

    1. President

      The President shall preside over all meetings of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. His/her interpretation of Rules shall be deemed final. He/she shall guide, supervise and inspire the activities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. While presiding over the meeting he/she shall have no vote of his/her own but shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes on any matter to be decided by vote.

    2. Vice President

      Vice President of the branches will run the Executive Board and all the activities of the branches. Nominated Vice Presidents shall have the same powers and duties as the President in the latter’s absence.

    3. Secretary General

      1. The Secretary General shall be the Executive Head of the Branch.
      2. The Secretary General shall in consultation with the President/VP convene the meetings of EB and GB, and maintain proper records of the minutes of all such meetings.
      3. Subject to the direction, control and supervision of EC, he/she shall be responsible for the conduct of affairs of the branch for AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
      4. The Secretary General shall be responsible for keeping the books of accounts and office records in order and shall correspond on behalf of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION on its day to day affairs.
      5. The Secretary General shall prepare annual report on the activities of the Association and after approval by the EB shall present the report at the Annual General meeting on behalf of the EC.
      6. The Secretary General shall delegate such of his/her powers to the Joint Secretaries or to any other member of the EB as deemed necessary.
      7. The Secretary General shall do such other things as may be conducive to the aims and objectives of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
    4. Treasurer

      1. The Treasurer shall maintain all accounts and be the custodian of all funds of the branch of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
      2. The Treasurer shall be a signatory of all bank accounts of the branch along with the President/VP or the Secretary General.
      3. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement to the EB in all its meetings.
      4. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial statement which shall be certified by the Audit Committee or Audited by a registered auditor, as the case may be.
      5. The Treasurer shall present audited/verified by the audit committee a yearly financial statement at the AGM.
    5. Cultural Secretary

      The cultural secretary shall organise all cultural programmes as decided by the EC.

    6. Sports Secretary

      The sports secretary shall organise all sports activity as decided by the EC.

    7. Information Technology Secretary

      The Information Technology Secretary will look after all electronic media and web related services decided by the EC.

    8. Media and News Secretary

      The Media and News Secretary shall be responsible for all publications of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION as decided by the EC.

    9. Community Program Secretary

      The Community Program Secretary shall be responsible for managing all activities relevant to community services of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION as decided by the EC.

    10. External Affairs Secretary

      The External Affairs Secretary will work closely with the President to facilitate dealings with organizations other than Aussie NSUers Association to develop or enhance relationships in conducting any activities in partnership or affiliation.

    11. Members

      Members shall take part in all EB meetings, and as a member of the management team take part in various committees, subcommittees in order to achieve the broader objectives of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION; and take active role in implementing the activities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.

  19. Accounts

    1. The financial year for AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall be 1st July to 30th June.
    2. The Executive Board shall keep proper books of account to be kept with respect to all assets and liabilities of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.
    3. Special bank account/s shall be opened and operated in the name of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION. The treasurer shall be responsible for overseeing the account/s and shall keep the EB informed in regards to the accounts.
    4. The account/s shall be managed by three signatories, namely the President/VP, Secretary General and the Treasurer. Any withdrawal shall be affected by at least two signatures including the signature of the Treasurer.
    5. The books of account shall be kept at the office, or at such other place or places as the Committee shall think fit, and shall always be open to inspection by the members of EB during the EB meetings.
    6. The Treasurer on behalf of the EB shall place the financial statement for the period, since the last preceding one, together with a balance sheet accompanied by a report of the Audit Committee/ Auditor before AGM.
    7. The financial statement shall be sent to all persons entitled to receive notice of General Meeting along with the notice of AGM.
  20. Audit

    1. Auditor

      In case of annual total gross revenue exceeding AUD $20,000 within a financial year the accounts of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall be audited by a registered auditor appointed by the past AGM. For annual gross revenue less than AUD $20,000 an audit committee shall verify the financial statement. No financial statement shall be presented to the AGM without being accompanied either by an audit report or being verified by the Audit committee as the case may be.

    2. Audit Committee

      1. The AGM shall appoint a three (3) member committee to verify the accounts for the following financial year. The AGM shall also appoint a convener of the committee who shall coordinate with other members of the committee in order to verify the accounts prepared by the Treasurer.
      2. The Secretary General shall prepare a list of possible members of the Audit Committee with the prior consent of those nominated members. The Secretary General shall propose the formation of such a committee at the AGM.
      3. The members of the Audit Committee shall work voluntarily.
      4. The members of the EB are ineligible to serve in the committee. In appointing the committee the professional skills of the nominated persons and their independence from the process of managing RUAA shall have to be taken into consideration.
      5. Non AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION members can also serve in the committee.
      6. The Treasurer shall liaise with the committee.
  21. Press Statements

    No executive member shall have the right to issue press statements about the policies of development schemes of the Association without the previous approval of the Executive Board. Any EB member violating this condition shall be liable to be removed from membership of the Executive Board.

  22. Amendment

    The rules and regulations of AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION shall not be amended, altered, repealed or replaced without the consent of at least two third majority of the voting members present n Annual General Meeting of which 21 (twenty one) days’ notice shall have to be given stating the nature of amendments proposed.

  23. Effect

    This constitution shall come in force from first Annual General Meeting of the AUSSIE NSUERS ASSOCIATION.