• Aussie NSUers Association (OzNSUers)

A Reunion to Remember – 2017

by Mahfuzur Rahman, Rana

By all appearances March 25 was looking like an ordinary day, but it was actually a very special Saturday afternoon for all the Ex-NSUers! There was a modest hint of imminent shower in the weather, the air was fairly cool. There had been heavy torrential rains throughout the week. I was trying hard to keep my inner excitement in control and driving carefully towards the Meadowbank Ferry Wharf. After all it’s my University Reunion I was heading to!

Aussie NSUers Association organised their 5th Reunion 2017 in the prestigious Captain Cook Cruise!! Right from its inception the organization has been working relentlessly to build a solid and efficient platform for all its members, their families and foster the rich vibrant culture of Bangladesh. Every year they create a benchmark and the following year they come up with something even better! Organising a reunion in a cruise ship! What better way to catch up with all our former classmates, ex-NSUers from other batches, faculties living is Australia! We often go through a time in our lives where looking back to our carefree university days brings back countless memories of what life used to be and reminds us of many of our friends we have lost contact with. I was so emotionally excited for the very thought of the reunion and that once in a year chance of meeting again and finally catching up with friends that we do not ordinarily get to see! An affordable all inclusive reunion in the picturesque Sydney Harbour was an ideal setting to reminisce with old friends and share memories!

The wharf was crowded by 250 NSUers, all dressed up, fuelled with excitement and enthusiasm. Everyone was in the best of their moods. We all finished boarding the ship by 5 pm. Wow!! That’s what most of ours expressions were when we first stepped into the ship. It was a beautiful two storied vessel. Both the floors were quite spacious, all neat and tidy with excellent sitting arrangements. The view of the wide expanse of the harbour from inside the ship was truly astounding! OzNSUers set their music station in the lower deck where live music were performed by Laura, Mitul and Nowroz. Their spontaneous performance created a festive ambience among the attendees! People were dancing, singing along and cheering. The other half of the lower deck had the Photo Booth specially designed for Reunion photographs to be taken.

The upper deck had a kid’s entertainment area, where a balloon artist was keeping all the kids busy with her continuous supply of amazing animal characters and props made with balloons. Soon after boarding the ship the entrée was served. Everyone was enjoying the delicious light refreshment, drinks and the breathtaking scenic views as the ship was sailing through Rocky point to Blackwall point. Dedicated professional photographers were on board to make the journey memorable for everyone through their clicks! People were chatting, laughing, singing, taking photos, such an amazing atmosphere. It was one of those moments when the only thing that you can see about life is happiness.

By the time the ship reached near the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge the sun was almost below the horizon, the soft glowing light was gradually coming through the sky, darkness was about to fall. Every single one started to gather around the roof of the wide upper deck. The gentle breeze, the twilight, the scenic views, everything created a divine ambience in there. It was indescribable beautiful! All I could I hear was the clicks of cameras and sounds of happiness!

It was already 7.30 and the organizers served dinner. Mutton biriyani, Chicken roast, salad and sweets as desert were in the menu. The food was brilliant. As the dinner was about to finish, they organised a raffle draw with the entry ticket numbers. In addition to that there were prizes for the best dressed man and woman! The president of association Shahidur Rahman and some of the executive members had small speeches in the end. The clock was ticking and we all knew everything was coming to an end soon. The ship was already on its way back to the Meadowbank Wharf where it all started. We already had a wonderful memory to treasure and started packing up with a heavy heart.

In closing I would like to say the Reunion was a huge success in all respect. The participants enjoyed every bit of the rewarding evening. The success of the event would not have been possible without the dedicated, sincere and hard working team of the executive members of the Aussie NSUers Association.