• Aussie NSUers Association (OzNSUers)

About us

The Aussie NSUers Association (OzNSUers) was formed in early January 2011 and aims to deliver the most effective NSUers relationship around Australia. Its diverse offerings include communication and networking tools (Online and Offline), Social programming, Career Mentor Programs and more.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is also registered as an Incorporative Association with the Department of Fair Trading, NSW. We were formed to recognise the accomplishments of former students and alumni of North South University who are currently living in Australia. NSUers enjoy successful professional/student lives and many of them hold important positions in a diverse category of organisations with many others looking to advance their careers further. The Association is working to strengthen its networks every day by bringing all the NSUers under one community. The strong network has helped the Association’s members with job placements, business opportunities and as well as other social benefits.

OzNSUers are committed to raising the name of our community into the halls of fame and glory, through leadership and achievements, in every sphere of society! The Association fosters positive and productive relationships with all NSUers and is dedicated to serve its members with information, training, and lobbying in different sectors on different issues and social services.

The purpose and objectives of the association are:

  1. To maintain contacts with the alumni, home and abroad, and to exchange ideas and information through communications and congregations;
  2. To improve learning the environment and to work towards breaking the social and economic barriers of higher education such as scholarships to students in need;
  3. To arrange workshops for refreshing/updating knowledge and information for the alumni;
  4. To organise social and sporting events for members;
  5. To create and expand professional networks.


With further detail the purpose of the organisation is –

  • To discover many old friends with whom you may have lost contact with
  • To remain in touch with old friends and to get to know hundreds of new people every year
  • To provide a platform to make new friends who share a common background
  • To enjoy regular social activities including musical programs, parties, picnics, and more
  • To contribute positively to building the image of our community and its social responsibility activities
  • To have a foundation from which to contribute to the betterment of NSU’s future and its reputation.
  • To help connect the University and its present students across the world by helping them find proper study paths and job placements
  • To provide a platform from which to voice your opinions and promote your ideas for more significant social change across the country
  • To undertake charitable and development activities including donations of various kinds, relief work during natural calamities, arranging fund-raising events, sustainable contributions to poverty alleviation such as providing training and micro-scale capital to micro-scale entrepreneurs, etc.